We hand source secondary industry leather, hide & shearling whenever possible. Our materials are mostly dead-stock from the fashion & agriculture industry. In today’s climate, we think it is important to re-purpose and re-use.
All of our pieces are original. Each pocket is sourced, trimmed, dyed and stitched by hand. Their individuality means they may vary slightly in shape, size or tone. This is what makes Bichon pockets unique. No two are the same.


Shearling has some stain resistance, it can be used in the rain but the texture may change over time. Some shearlings are more light sensitive that others and may change colour with repeated sun exposure. If cleaning is necessary, spot clean with a damp towel or take to a professional cleaner.

Our black leather is treated and can withstand rain and day to day use. If you wish, you can apply a protective leather spray. Never submerge leather in water, spot clean with a damp towel if necessary.

Bichon X ASAU Apparel
These garments are handmade and have undergone a special printing, spraying, and dyeing process which results in subtle variations of colour and print. These variations are considered intentional and would not be deemed a fault but instead part of the garments’ inherent, unique hand-finished character. Wash in cold water on a gentle setting. Do not tumble dry or iron.